On my Monday to Friday, I work as a digital content producer at a university in Australia and freelance website designer focusing on CMS such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress after working hours and on the weekend.

In my spare time, I play around with some digital stuff like taking photos of anything, drawing sketches with Procreate on my iPad, making videos for fun, do some animation or play my electronic drums. I also enjoy spending time scrolling through Reddit r/aww. Would like to spend more time playing bass/guitar and making digital music but that’s a bit ambitious for now.

My formal degree is a Bachelor of Science in Biology majoring in Marine Ecology but my passion changed to digital world not long after I finished the study. Started making websites since 2004 and decided to be a freelance website designer in 2009 for a small business in Darwin and still loving it.

Although it may sound like spend all of my life in front of a screen don’t get out of my desk a lot, I do play some sports and like outdoor activities. Living in the tropical of NT Australia is a perfect place as there are not many other things to do indoor in Darwin. Loving kayaking in Darwin seawater recently.

About that logo: if you google ‘wayang Irawan’, that where it’s from.