Trip 2012 | New Zealand and Sydney

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4 Responses

  1. Ed Bruchac says:

    Hello ,
    Interesting time lapse series.I’m a long time EOS shooter,26 years, but a newbie at DSLR videography.Any recommendations for slow-motion/time lapse software?
    Best wishes,
    Ed Bruchac

  2. jamirawan says:

    Hi Ed, I use Windows Movie Maker for the timelapse that came with the computer when I bought it so its pretty much free and use Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for color correction. I heard Twixtor is very good for slow motion or fast. Check my blog for Ultra slow motion with twixtor. Thanks for visiting

  3. lifesydney says:

    I love that cute baby, and these..are they ducks? or just birds? The church, very quiet I guess. How wonder, I think it’s a journey of heart.

    • jamirawan says:

      I was capturing seagulls in Hokitika, South Island, NZ and this kid passed by my camera so it made the video more interesting…:). Thanks for reading my blog.